How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse and Zombie Virus

How to survive a zombie apocalypse can be an awkward subject, but one that should be discussed due to all the news and fear about a future zombie virus that is inevitably bound to create the destruction of earth one day if humans don’t do it first that is. The first thing to note about a zombie attack is that, no matter how much you prepare nothing will ever go according to plan. The initial outbreak will be filled with pandemonium and chaos. Confusion, unbridled fear and terror will run rampant, until you make the big decision you will be fair game for the zombies.


That decision is, to bug in or bug out. The decision to bug in may be a good one for the first wave of brain eaters. You have most of the comforts of home, if the Zpoc can pass you by, it is best to bug in.


What Is The Zombie Survival Guide?


If you are trying to learn how to survive a zombie attack, two things must be remembered, don’t panic, and nothing will go as planned. This means you have to be open to all possibilities and be versatile in all situation. Be ready for all scenarios and prepare for anything. That being said, your decision to bug in or bug out will have a direct effect on the supplies you take or the ones you need to stay put.


The zombie survival tips will help you get packed if you are going to bug out. They will also help for those that will bug in, at least for the present time, and before the Z’s find your location. A zombie survival tin can be indispensable when on the run, you should have it packed with emergency first aid items like bandages, medicines, water purifying tablets, a small flashlight and water proof matches.


What Should Be Packed In the Zombie Survival Gear?


In your bug out bag, you should pack the essentials food, water, shelter and fire. You will also need some kind of tent and a compass, maps of the area and the terrain are a good idea, but will only work if the terrain is still recognizable. A sleeping bag, knife and knife sharpener. Don’t forget to pack the axe, in case you have to show mercy to a zombie!


For food, try to pack ready to eat foods, and some canned food, and don’t forget the can opener. Some pills to purify your water when yours runs out, and if a tent didn’t make it into your pack, use a solar blanket, this may be in your med kit, or plastic bag to help shield you from the elements. The other consideration in packing may be a change or two of clothes, so you aren’t mistaken for an ill dressed zombie.


Some other handy tricks to learn are how to start a fire, how to hunt for animals than for zombies, rather, look for small animals that will fit on the small fire that you learned how to make. You may be able to track some animal prints, basically anything that doesn’t look like a shoe or human foot. You may be able to set up a simple snare trap made from forming a noose knot, one of the knots you hopefully learned in boy or girl scouts.


A word of caution, if you think you may have caught something in your trap, approach it carefully. If the animal looks like it may have the zombie virus and shows signs of having a dog collar or other tell-tale signs of a previous owner, don’t eat it and you may want to show fluffy some mercy with the axe.


What Are Signs Of The Zombie Virus?


You may have the zombie virus if you are hiding in the dark, and are in denial that any change has happened or would ever happen to change the world. You also may be infected if you find yourself stealing from the preppers, since they are the only ones that have anything to steal from. You also may begin to crave brains, but as long as you serve them with fava beans you will be social accepted.


If you are not sure of the changes taking place, you can give yourself the zombie survival quiz. Answer these questions to help you decide. Have you been bitten by another human or zombie within the last few days? Do you feel rage when people they ask are zombies real? Are any appendages falling off or have a discolored green appearance. Do you think that smell is coming from anyone else but you?


If you have answered yes to at least two of the questions, you may be a zombie and you may want to ask for mercy. Or you may want to wander around in a lovely state of denial, like you probably did before the apocalypse and pretend that zombie colors are the new khaki.


Where Can I Find Out More About Surviving A Zombie Attack?


If you still have some form of electricity or solar charge for your smart phone, tablet or laptop, go online to find more information. While online, you can find information on a Family Survival System and Survive Food Crisis tips. However, stay away from the expert preppers and their sites, they have known about zombies for years and may not give you any assistance of you look like a zombie.







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